Nicola Turner, 52, found a mysterious chest when clearing out an annex of her late mother-in-law’s house. Undisturbed for almost 40 years, the mid-century treasure chest contained sketches, log books, passports and diaries of RAF pilot Flight Lieutenant Rex Goring-Morris.

Nicola said: “The moment I opened it I just knew this was something very special and would be immensely valued by his relatives. The chest contained a veritable archive of personal, social and historical records. I felt an overwhelming responsibility to ensure that somehow we got it back to his family. However our research, despite our best efforts, could not trace his family.”

Sparking a nationwide search for the family, Nicola contacted our team at Finders International to help trace any living relatives of the hero pilot. We tracked down Rex’s son David and he joined Nicola and Finders MD, Danny Curran to discuss his fathers legacy with BBC London.


Danny Curran said: ‘These happy endings are one of the best parts of our work. Tracing families, reuniting relatives, finding lost heirs to estates and lending our research skills to cases like this is hugely fulfilling.’

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