Finders International, one of the largest professional probate genealogy firms in Europe, has been announced as an official industry partner of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).  By becoming an industry partner, Finders International are a recognised service provider that offers approved products and services to the 20,000 members and stakeholders of CILEx on a daily basis.

Danny Curran, Managing Director of Finders International, said: “With over 50 years’ track record, CILEx is a reputable institute within the legal sector, and we have worked with their members for many years.  Therefore, we are delighted to be the first probate research company to become CILEx industry partners. We look forward to working further with CILEx and continuing to provide our beneficiary tracing and associated services for their members.”

Finders International trace missing heirs and beneficiaries and next of kin to estates, properties and assets.  Their range of services for the private sector include missing heir location, family tree verification and tracing unclaimed assets. For more information, and to view all the services that Finders International offer, please visit their website.  Alternatively, you can call +44(0)20 7490 4935 or email [email protected]