Finders International Opens Office in Ireland

BBC’s Heir Hunters have officially arrived in Ireland!

At last, Irish lawyers and councils can look forward to the same levels of professionalism and service in tracing heirs to Estates as their UK counterparts.

Suite 5073, Unit 1, 77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2
Finders Ireland: Suite 5073, Unit 1, 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2

“Risk management has been too low on the agenda in Ireland for too long” said Finders founder and MD Daniel Curran. “Identifying and locating the correct entitled beneficiaries is a serious matter, and is all too often being left in the hands of amateurs or well-meaning friends or relatives. You have to ask yourself – would you leave the winding up of a relative’s Estate to someone who ‘knows a bit about genealogy’ or to an established firm of 18 years standing, with a track record of thousands of successfully completed cases? Our analysis shows that errors of various kinds are running at around 50% on all Irish Intestacy matters.”

This means that not only are legally entitled heirs not being traced, but also that solicitors and councils around the country are leaving themselves open to substantial and significant claims.

John Costello of leading Dublin solicitors Beauchamps said “I have instructed Finders on matters in the last year and found the service to be extremely professional. I welcome Finders to Dublin and believe their services will be of huge benefit to solicitors in Ireland”.

In the UK, local amateur independent firms of genealogists used on an informal basis have been closed down and worse still, fraud investigations and imprisonments have occurred!

Hence there is an immediate need for the legal world in Ireland to address their procedural processes. Luckily for Ireland, Finders International are now available, through their office in Dublin, to offer a wide range of services which will vastly improve the quality of service offered to their clients by Irish solicitors.

Finders will not only identify and locate the correct entitled heirs to an intestacy, but missing beneficiaries or legatees named in a Will, missing heirs to trusts, land and other assets can also be found.

All our work is secured and insured through our 18 year relationship with AVIVA. We can obtain Administration Bonds, missing beneficiary and missing will insurance, search for assets and repatriate a wide range of funds from overseas sources through our expert Asset Valuation Service.

And when the Estate is ready for distribution we can prepare a distribution schedule, and carry out Bankruptcy searches for individuals residing overseas before they are paid, thus avoiding a potentially calamitous risk at the final hurdle.

We work in an unregulated industry both in the UK and Ireland and have striven to raise standards, quality of service and professionalism to a level that we feel Ireland has long deserved.

We are working with our team of highly skilled professional Irish genealogists, carefully selected for their knowledge and thoroughness, and, backed by our long-standing reputation for a fast efficient and friendly service, whilst maintaining the highest standards, we look forward to forming long and productive relationships with solicitors, councils, hospitals and others for many years to come.