Gene Simmons – another celebrity determined not to leave vast sums to his children

The continuing trend of the rich and famous determining that they won’t leave the bulk of their fortunes to their children continues, with Gene Simmons another in a long line of people announcing that most of his money will go to charity.

Simmons, like others before him, believes his children should find their own way in life, rather than relying on vast hand-outs from mum and dad.

According to US Weekly, Simmons has told the press and the world that his kids “will never be rich off my money,” since 2007. Instead, he wanted to make sure they learned how to take care of themselves and instead of living off the success of KISS.


Which is not to say that being born into a rich and famous household isn’t an advantage all by itself. Simmons’ two children Nick and Sophie have worked in the entertainment industry from an early age, thanks to their involvement in the family show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

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Sophie works in fashion and music, while Nick is a voiceover artist and a writer for The Huffington Post, and a comic book author. The siblings’ efforts garnered them enough money to buy a $2.3 million home in the Hollywood Hills.

It’s not just children that famous people vow never to leave money to—Quentin Tarantino is known for vowing not to give any part of his vast wealth to his mother.

The vow is childhood-related when his mother discouraged his writing career, and he decided that if he ever became famous, he wouldn’t buy her a car, a house or even a holiday. Since then, he has kept his promise although he did help her out with a minor tax matter.

Inheritances “distasteful”

Many celebrities feel like Simmons about children and inheritance.

Daniel Craig, who is a father of three, says he thinks inheritances are “quite distasteful”, while Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have said they will give away their money to charity rather than setting up trust funds because they know their children are living a privileged life already.

Chef Gordon Ramsay has said that he won’t be leaving his money to his kids so that they are not spoiled, and singer Marie Osmond believes leaving her money to her children will not help them find their purpose or appreciate the value of working for what they want.