Growing Role for Probate Genealogists

A rise in the value of inheritance, combined with a growing number of heirs living abroad, is making the distribution of estates a more complex process than in previous years. However, thanks to the immense resourcefulness of probate genealogists, extensive research can be conducted in order to trace missing beneficiaries around the globe.

The increasing role of probate genealogy in fulfilling the requirements of a will is recognised as an invaluable element in the future of providing beneficiaries with what is legally theirs.

Probate genealogy takes on an added significance when it is considered that a large proportion of people still do not make wills at all. Intestate cases often require an even more detailed understanding of the research techniques needed to locate heirs, a proficiency that is only attainable through the experience and professionalism demonstrated by the best probate genealogists.

Finders has established a reputation for unrivaled success in finding missing heirs and beneficiaries both throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Daniel Curran
Written by Daniel Curran
Daniel is a leading figure in the UK Heir Hunting industry. He is from Isleworth in West London and has lived in London for most of his life. He has been in the probate genealogy profession since 1990. He formed Finders in 1997 after 7 years at another firm.