As one of the main firms that searches for heirs of unclaimed estates, we have years of experience in the business of finding beneficiaries.

Our cases come to us through different routes. A lot of the time, they are referred to us through solicitors when someone dies and the person doesn’t seem to have close next of kin. Other times, we are asked by councils or health boards to find someone’s nearest relatives or find a missing will if that person has died in their care and does not appear to have a will. We get private referrals too, and sometimes we decide to look for potential heirs to estates detailed on the Bona Vacantia list.

Often, we can find the heirs to an estate or find a missing will using minimal information. We consult records such as the census, registers of births and marriages, newspaper archives, online databases and more to trace a person’s family tree. In many cases, we need to look at the families of a person’s aunts and uncles to find the relevant heirs, but there is almost always someone who is entitled to receive the estate or a share of it.

Complex work

The work can be complex. Online records aren’t always accurate, if the heirs live in another country or someone has lived abroad, so to find a missing will we need to look elsewhere. Our firm works closely with a network of partners all over the world to ensure our reach truly is global.

Once the heirs have been found and agreed to sign up to our services—and our fees are paid by the general estate, heirs do not pay upfront—people can expect to receive their inheritance according to where the estate is.

For example, a typical time for UK estates is between six to eighteen months, while US and international or multi-jurisdictional estates will take longer, two to five years. Unclaimed global funds or property take about three to twelve months to process.

Factors that affect the timescale include the sale of property, tax issues, court processes, the liquidation of assets and the settlement of liabilities.

Reputable firms

Be assured – if you are approached by a reputable heir hunting company such as Finders International, you will never inherit a debt. We can only be paid when you receive your share of the estate, so it is in our best interest to work with you to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. While most of an estate will be liquidised to raise the maximum capital, personal effects such as photos or books can be passed on to relatives if these are of interest.

Do you think you might be the heir to an estate or do you want help to find a missing will? Contact us today and we’ll talk through the process with you.