Danny Curran, chairman of the IAPPR met with Deanna Mannix today in the glorious New South Wales sunshine. Danny (left) was accompanied by Ryan Gregory (right) of Finders International and welcomed Deanna officially to the IAPPR. Deanna’s Company “Money Catch” is a leading firm dealing with unclaimed funds and assets and which has an excellent reputation both nationally and worldwide. Danny said “the IAPPR are delighted to have Money Catch on board and our exchange of thoughts and experiences will no doubt be of mutual benefit and to the public’s advantage for years to come. Deanna added “It was an absolute honor and pleasure to meet with Danny & Ryan and be a member of a reputable association that is raising the standards in professional probate research and unclaimed money owner tracing worldwide. I have such high respect for the work Finders International and IAPPR are doing in this industry which is unregulated in many countries. Thank you kindly for the warm welcome.”