Inheritance spent on education

An Iranian teacher has spent the inheritance his father gave him on tablets for students to help with their education, according to a recent report in the Tehran Times.

Hossein Asadi, a teacher in the Khuzestan province, has provided 12 billion rials (almost $290,000) for students in deprived parts of the country. He said he had planned to spend the money on a car but when in conversation with one of the school’s principals, he decided to speak to a girl who was depressed because she had dropped out of school.

While in conversation with the ex-pupil, he discovered she was depressed because she did not have a mobile phone and had thus fallen behind in her studies. He bought her a tablet so that she would be able to attend school.

Like most parts of the world, schools in Iran were closed in the spring to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The country’s Ministry of Education launched a mobile app to provide students with a distance learning programme. However, not all pupils were able to participate.

Education was carried out in person, virtual and television-based but following a third wave of the pandemic in the country, the Ministry of Education decided to increase restrictions once more and confine education to e-learning.

At the beginning of October, the country started its smart school network plan, connecting more than 76,000 schools world-wide.

After Asadi bought the first tablet, he decided to provide 153 additional tablets for other students in financially difficult situations and plans to provide another 200 helping to keep as many students as possible in the education system.

Iran’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is obliged, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, to provide access (hardware-software and content) to textbooks, educational content, tests, and academic counselling, educational computer games, aptitude assessment, technical and social skills free of charge to all students in cities with less than 20,000 people and in villages and suburbs.

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