The launch of Finders free ‘Heir Hunters’ App is seen as another milestone in the ever onward march of technology.Tracing heirs to estates and finding beneficiaries was, not so long ago, almost exclusively within the realm of private investigation and meant a lot of shoe leather being worn very thin. Genealogical records were held in oversized hard back volumes held in the Family Records Centre and strong arms were as much a requirement as keen intuitive skills.

Finders innovation reminds us that as technology grows more sophisticated it can become more simple. The beauty of this App is that it remains a sophisticated tool with the emphasis on a user-friendly experience being paramount.

Heir Hunters such as Finders are willing and able to move with the times and adapt their services to match the requirements of their service users. Anyone who need to find missing heirs and needs an heir hunter will also increasingly need a firm with IT skills to match their common sense and genealogy training.

It seems as though there are few things that technology has not touched. From online shopping to virtual meetings, increasingly large amounts of emphasis are being placed on 21st century solutions. Services that traditionally did not require any technology are now coming to rely more heavily on technological advances.

Progressive legal services providers like Finders, and also many solicitors, are utilising new software and applications with enthusiasm if they mean business.

Mobile technology including laptops, tablets and Smart phones are allowing the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. Many solicitors may be willing to keep more flexible hours when they are working remotely from home, which can improve service and access for clients. Virtual communication may mean that clients are able to speak with their lawyers quickly and effectively without disrupting the firm’s productivity or day to day workflow.

In releasing this App, Finders are the first heir hunters to recognise the need for more flexibility and wider access to their services. This complements the efficiency demonstrated by the solicitor and by association, improves reputations and standings within their industry.

The growth of the App Store and the androids inhabiting Google Play is testament to how this seemingly humble piece of software is increasingly helping service providers in all areas.

The image of the genealogist delving into dust filled archives is increasingly fading as the 21st century probate researchers and heir hunters like Finders drive technology forwards to help improve and simplify lives through technology. Long live the App!

Finders are a main firm of Heir Hunters appearing on the BBC TV Series ‘Heir Hunters’ and in numerous press articles. Established in 1997 by Daniel Curran who has over 23 years experience as an heir hunter and who still heads Finders today.

See or call +44 (0)20 7490 4935 for more information. Search the App Store under ‘Heir Hunters’ for the free App.

Daniel Curran

Daniel Curran
Written by Daniel Curran
Daniel is a leading figure in the UK Heir Hunting industry. He is from Isleworth in West London and has lived in London for most of his life. He has been in the probate genealogy profession since 1990. He formed Finders in 1997 after 7 years at another firm.