Misleading websites causing headaches for consumers

At Finders International we have grown steadily over the years and always relied on our integrity and reputation to enable growth. We have never pretended to be something we are not.

A growing problem is that of probate genealogy or ‘heir hunter’ firms pretending to have branches in various parts of the country, or pretending to have a functioning company branch abroad when there is little or no evidence to substantiate these claims.

These are age-old honey traps, designed to try and convince the user that the company they are thinking of using has more of an international or nationwide presence than they actually do.

For example a purportedly American company may have a website requests that you only call them at certain times of day or even asking you not to use their postal address.

We are all familiar with random city and country names, being placed on letterhead paper without any explanation of what this means, but Finders International prefers to have an office, an address and phone number that actually exist at the location specified. Transparency is everything in business.

We have offices and staff in London, Edinburgh & Dublin and we feel we have the best worldwide connections available today.

Don’t be fooled by the fakery, smoke and mirrors!

Finders International – promoting honesty & integrity in international probate genealogy.