Empty Homes Additional Services

Many thousands of viable empty properties lie vacant or derelict around the country. Where the owner has, or is thought to have, passed away we can trace next of kin efficiently and engage with them directly to bring the home back into use.

If the empty property owner is living, we can try and re-engage with them to try and resolve any issues around the empty property.

Key Services

  • Identifying and tracing missing owners.
  • Identifying and locating next of kin to deceased owners.
  • “Value added” solutions to help reluctant owners resolve issues; such as repair and restoration prior to sale, maximising asset value.
  • Partnership network including property clearance firms who will also secure, insure and arrange sales.
  • A preferred panel of regional and independent SRA regulated firms who will only charge on successful resolutions and whose fees can be incorporated with our own when working on a commission fee basis.

We have many years’ experience of finding living next of kin for empty home owners, even when sometimes the property has remained empty for a very long time. These empty homes could be re-furnished and brought back into use with our help.

While next of kin may be distantly related or living outside of the UK, they will still be the rightful heirs to a property owned by someone who has passed away.

We can usually find next of kin within a few days and can assist the local authority empty homes officer by arranging for clearance and prompt refurbishment.

When clearing a property, we also carefully check for a Will and additional assets separating potentially valuable items and papers and retaining items that could be wanted by the family at a later date.


  • AVIVA Empty Property Insurance: We can immediately add property to our policy, payable month by month or for long as is required; a fast and simple solution.
  • Estate administration assistance including best practice searches and a range of services to help minimise risk.
  • Fee options to suit the case in hand and contingency fee solutions at no charge to the council.

We will manage each case efficiently and effectively ensuring the empty property is returned to use as soon as possible.

If you would like any further information on our services or to arrange an appointment, please email our Public Sector Development Manager, Muhammad Uddin via [email protected] or call directly on (020 3940 0089)