Bona Vacantia Cases

Our specialist probate research team work on bona vacantia cases within the public domain and ensure that the quality and reassurance provided to the legal sector for decades is carried through to all beneficiaries we contact, even when the pressure is on to work to tight deadlines.


Missing Heir Location

Our expert team has many years of experience in tracing missing beneficiaries across the globe.

No known next of next kin?

Refer an unknown next of kin, we can usually find next of kin extremely quickly.

Tracing Unclaimed Asset Owners

Trace unclaimed asset, account, pension, life insurance, shareholding or property owners around the world.

Family Tree Research & Verification

An essential best practice service to check all heirs are accounted for to ensure correct distribution.

Probate Property Sales and Services

Personal management of property, sales coordination, clearance & associated services organised to quality standards.

Our SRA regulated Solicitor Panel

Discounted, regulated and independent legal services for Finders clients.

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What we do

When a deceased dies with no known next of kin, our specialists can provide you with the support needed for your case by utilising years of experience in uniting beneficiaries with unclaimed estates, property and funds. This, paired with being able to adapt to new situations easily, means that you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest-value service, tailored exactly to your requirements with no detail spared. Cases worked by our bona vacantia department are predominantly conducted at our own risk and expense. The cases we choose to work are selected carefully and, we hope, will bring a welcome inheritance or windfall to the heirs we locate. The contingency fee model means that only when heirs are paid, can we be paid, and should the case be written off or prove to be of no value, the beneficiaries will owe us nothing. We may be faced with deadlines to complete a family tree or close off all lines of research quickly, and we can respond promptly to such circumstances.