Public Domain Cases

Our specialist probate research team working on cases in the public domain ensures that the quality and reassurance provided to the legal sector for decades is carried through to all beneficiaries we contact, even when the pressure is on to work to tight deadlines.

Any case that is worked upon by our public domain department is predominantly conducted at our own risk and expense. The cases we choose to work on are selected carefully and, we hope, will bring a welcome inheritance or windfall to the heirs we locate.

The contingency fee model means that only when heirs are paid, can we be paid, and if the case has to be written off or proves to be of no value, the beneficiaries will owe us nothing.

We may be faced with deadlines to complete a family tree or close off all lines of research quickly, and we can respond promptly to such circumstances.

As a global firm, we work with many exclusive contacts around the globe, so the financial benefits we bring to heirs can originate from almost anywhere. A profile of our work with the United States and other countries can be seen here.

The BBC series Heir Hunters on which we featured as the main firm, followed our public domain team working on unclaimed or Bona Vacantia Estates and other cases that required urgent attention. See clips from the series here.

Despite the intense speed of the forensic genealogical research we carry out, we never cut corners when it comes to proving entitlement, locating all the correct beneficiaries, and tracing all assets to improve the value of the inheritance or estates being researched.

We also check, free of charge, for a Will as often we are working on the assumption of an Intestacy, but need to be as sure as we can that no a Will exists before any distribution of funds. Similarly, our searches for additional assets are also made on these cases free of charge.

Our credentials and accreditations are second to none, and we have vast legal and research knowledge in-house as well as agreements with numerous independent solicitors, available to help or administer funds and estates for our heirs and us.

Similarly, where we locate all the heirs, we will obtain indemnity insurance through AVIVA to protect our beneficiaries form any claims following distribution.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary record in this field and are always interested in discussing new partnerships and projects.