Secure Pick up, Delivery, Signature & Witnessing Service

We have an exclusive, highly trained team of over 40 mainly ex-police officers around the UK & Ireland. You may need assistance in a wide variety of situations, especially involving the elderly or terminally ill.  Whether you or your clients need a Will witnessed or personal pick up, drop off, signature, or delivery of sensitive items or correspondence, we can help. This is a personal and professional service where each assignment is dealt with separately in complete confidence.


  • Delivery / return of any items door to door (including from Home workers)
  • Obtain instructions or signatures, pick up or deliver items as required. Including Will signings & witnessing.
  • Search Empty property, prepare inventories and tie in seamlessly with Finders Property Sales & Services or assist with your own arrangements.
  • Instant empty property insurance available online, contact [email protected]
  • Repeat visits can be arranged as required


  • Criminal record checked
  • Trained in sensitivities including awareness of possible dementia, Alzheimer’s etc
  • Use their own private vehicles for all work
  • Use internal email addresses for data security
  • GDPR & Data Protection compliant
  • Covered by Finders company Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • All UK & Ireland covered, however remote
  • Same day service often possible
  • Female representatives available, as preferred by client

How to witness a will

  • Meet up: The Testator or Testatrix and two witnesses need to be present.
  • Explain to the witnesses that the will is about to be signed.
  • Write down the date of signing in the space provided on the will.
  • As your witnesses watch, sign your name on the will using your normal signature, and initial all the pages.
  • The witnesses then sign, add their addresses and date their sections on the will.
  • Return the original will to your solicitor for safe keeping or store somewhere securely.
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