Heir Hunters Series 10 – A Hit With the General Public

Are you one of the many people tuning into the latest series of Heir Hunters? If so, you’re in good company. Series 10 viewing figures are averaging 1.3 to 1.4 million viewers and that doesn’t include BBC2 repeats or iPlayer.

So far, the series has featured many of the cases we have worked on here at Finders International. The programmes have looked at family mysteries involving multiple surnames (always a challenge when it comes to family history research) and the reconnection of estranged family members.

Our cases often uncover large families and potential heirs to unclaimed estates – and this has been demonstrated by the cases featured so far on Heir Hunters. Viewers have been watching our work as our researchers track down potential heirs all over the country.

As ever, Heir Hunters provides an interesting exploration of social history. This week’s programmes, for instance, featured one case where a man had been born illegitimate and had spent the early years of his life in the workhouse before being adopted. He had never talked about this with his family and when his heir was found, the man believed his grandfather had been ashamed of the social stigma that surrounded illegitimacy in the early 20th Century.
There’s no doubt that Heir Hunters is a hit with the general public.

Heir Hunters continues on BBC1, 9.15am every week day morning.