We examine why the APG recently stopped firms using its logo in a potentially misleading way.

AGRA – the amateur genealogists friend. For those with an amateur interest in family trees AGRA  (association of genealogists and researchers in archives) has a range of courses and can encourage the amateur genealogist to pursue their hobby with direction.

But what about the professionals, what do we do?

The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), as its name suggests, is the one professional body that Finders International staff are proud to be members of.

The APG has recently tightened up on the casual use of its logo by firms who perhaps could not afford (ethically or financially) to have its staff join and sign up to their Code of Ethics individually. These firms typically might buy one membership and may have tried to use the APG logo as a device to make the innocent unsuspecting member of the public think that the whole firm were led by the APG’s Code of Ethics. As we say these misleading uses are being shut down with the APG logo being removed from offenders websites.

The APG is not a regulatory body, but demonstrates a commitment to integrity and honesty amongst genealogy professionals worldwide.

That’s why we have more APG members than any other UK firm!

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