Finders International begun work on the family tree of Reginald Aldham, a Cambridge architect who died in December 2019 with no known next of kin as reported in the Telegraph. The Finders team quickly reunited the £600,000 estate with its rightful owners and 30 relatives shared the inheritance.

One of the beneficiaries, Julia, said: “I was absolutely astonished to be contacted. I thought it was a scam of some sort.

“Growing up, my parents were quite insular. My brother and I had no idea about this side of my family. I did know my grandparents but beyond that I didn’t know any other relations.”

Danny Curran, Managing Director and founder of Finders International, said: “Of course it is natural to be wary and if someone contacts you out of the blue or knocks on your door you should ask to see identity documents and call their company to confirm details if you feel nervous.”

However, as noted by the Telegraph, it was not only the next of kin the Finders team located in their investigations but also an interesting link to one of the most significant archaeological finds in history. Documents that dated back to George V showed that Reginald Aldham was the grandson of the Earl of Carnavon’s butler.  The Earl was an English peer and financial backer of the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb that was found and excavated in 1922.

You can read the full Telegraph article here.

The case was also covered by the Mirror, which can be read here.

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