Finders International on Talk TV

Talk TV’s Trisha Goddard invited Danny Curran, MD of Finders International, on to her show earlier this month.

Trisha was particularly interested in a recent case that Finders International solved. This sad case centred around a reclusive bachelor, Richard Ticehurst, 70,  who was found dead in his dilapidated terraced house in February 2021. He had been living without gas or electricity at the time and little was known about him or his family and he hadn’t left a will.

Finders International’s search for relatives entitled to inherit Richard’s estate located 31 surprised relatives scattered across the UK, Canada, Australia and America – all of who shared the unexpected windfall.

Trisha also asked about a similar case of Ms Davidson. A recluse pensioner who died alone in her London flat and left behind a £400,000 fortune. Again, she had no known next of kin and no will. Finders traced six long-lost relatives who rightly inherited her estate.

Another high-profile story from last year had also been on Trisha’s radar.  She asked: ‘It’s not just heirs to an estate that are found by Finders International, sometimes you can be reunite families with lost heirlooms or lost treasures. You had  a case of a treasure chest owned by a Royal Air Force pilot and British diplomat that sparked a nationwide search for the family too.”

Danny explained how the metal and wooden chest was found when a Ms Turner went clearing out the annex of her late mother-in-law’s house. It belonged to a Flight

Lieutenant Rex Goring-Morris and was full of historical and personal records. These included sketches, flight log books, passports and diaries about his time in RAF and diplomatic service. Finders tracked down the pilot’s son, David and the chest was handed over in person at the London offices of Finders International. It was an exciting day for all involved –  made more poignant as it would have been Mr Morris’s 95th birthday that week.

Trisha said she really enjoyed discussing the intriguing world of professional probate genealogy and some of the work they do tracking down heirs to an unclaimed estate. 

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