New Heirs discover family links to 1930’s “Crime of the Century”

In today’s article, New Heirs discover family links to 1930’s Crime of the Century. While working on the case of Derek Lewis Mercer, from Hastings, Finders International were not only able to find 21 relations and reward two entitled beneficiaries their estate worth £10,000 each, but they were also able to uncover some shocking family connections from the past.

Rebecca Stanley and her sister were both heirs to Mercer’s estate, but like most individuals who receive the sudden news that they are indeed the heir to an estate, Rebecca had difficulty in believing that a windfall could come her way. Because of this, Rebecca dismissed it as a scam. It was only after her sister, who had also been contacted by Finders International confirmed that the hunt for beneficiaries to a £250,000 inheritance was real, did Rebecca believe it.

This case unearthed the family’s past and their ties to the highly prolific 1930’s case which was deemed “the crime of the century.” It was revealed that the Stanley’s were related to a woman named Violet Sharp who was a person of interest in the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr; the baby of world-famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Speaking to inews Rebecca said;

“I was actually already aware of the story, having researched it myself for the last eight years, – Finders International then had a dig into it too. It’s a fascinating story of a murder that will sadly always remain a mystery.”

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