The Bona Vacantia is a list of unclaimed estates in England—i.e., estates where someone has died without a will and who has no known family.This list is published daily, and with its latest release, it has been announced that there area total of 84 unclaimed Derby and Derbyshire estates belonging to people carrying one of 80 Derbyshire surnames.

At Finders International we know that several estates go unclaimed, and after a period of 12 years, if an estate has been left dormant and unclaimed by a family member or heir, it then gets reverted to the crown permanently.

Amongst the Derbyshire surnames released, you will find more common family names such as Connolly, Johnson, and Mayne, but in this instance, you will also stumble upon a few unusual names such as Akinyeye, Bartosz and Varsha. In the instance that you have a Derbyshire surname, you may be able to trace and claim an estate. To see the full list of names, click here. Find out how to claim that estate here. These estates range from land in Derby, Ilkeston, Duffield, Chesterfield, and High Peak to other notable assets.

First Published by: Derby Telegraph.