Data from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities shows that there are more than 34,000 properties in the UK’s capital city classed as “long-term vacant”.

This is not good news. Empty properties are a contributor to housing shortages and can lead to higher demand and prices for the existing housing stock.

They are also a wasted resource, as an empty home could be providing shelter for those in need. There are more than 200,000 empty homes in the UK, a significant underutilisation of housing resources.

Blight on the landscape

In addition, empty homes are often a blight on the landscape, as they can attract vandalism, squatting and other anti-social behaviours, which negatively impact on the quality of life for nearby residents.

This can also lead to lower property values for surrounding buildings and homes, as empty properties can make an area seem neglected or unoccupied and deter potential buyers and renters.

The UK government has implemented various policies and initiatives aimed at reducing the number of empty homes and bringing them back into use, including incentives for owners to renovate and rent out their properties, and increased taxes on long-term empty properties.


But finding the owners of empty properties can be a challenge, which is where Finders International comes in.

Our empty homes service is FREE for local authorities. We specialise in finding the owners or their next of kin. We can arrange for properties to be cleared and secured and provide a full valuation service and sale service.

Properties that have been empty and neglected for a long time can be problematic, with owners reluctant to do anything because they are worried about the expense of repairs. We can help resolve issues, such as repair and restoration prior to sale, maximising asset value and getting a property back into the housing market.

Experience in private and public sector

Muhammad Uddin is Finders International’s public sector development manager for empty homes. He had more than 17 years’ experience in public and private sector housing.

He says: “There are all sorts of reasons why home lie empty. We deal with cases where the owner can’t be traced, or has died, there is no will and no-one knows who their next of kin was.

“We can trace the owner—often with little information to go on, and within a couple of days—and help bring the empty home back into use. Our service includes clearance and prompt refurbishment. When clearing properties, we always do a careful check for a will and any additional assets that might be in the home, such as valuable items or personal keepsakes that the family may want at a later date.”

You can contact Muhammad at: [email protected] or phone 020 3940 0089. To report an empty property in your area, visit;