Woman ‘blocked’ from inheritance until she gets a job

An Australian woman has been blocked from receiving her inheritance because she “won’t get a job” The Sun newspaper reports.

Twenty-seven-year-old Clare Brown has alleged she has been prevented from receiving her $12 million inheritance because she won’t get a job and “contribute to society”.

The woman, who grew up in an affluent part of Sydney, now lives in squalid conditions. She is an only child and claims that she can’t fulfil her father’s wishes for her because she can’t work due to a health condition.

The ‘broke millionaire’

She calls herself the “broke millionaire”, lives on welfare and is constantly broke. She told the Australian TV programme A Current Affair that she could understand why people wanted her to become a functioning member of society, but that if anyone examined her diagnosis, they would see they this couldn’t happen.

She said that because she has ADHD, she was not going to learn to drive and that she and the “attention span of a gnat”.

Clare lives with her wife, Lauren, and their 15-month-old daughter. Her father, Christopher Hyland Brown, was a successful stock trader who attended one of the best schools in Australia and lived in a $5 million waterfront apartment in the Darling Point area, one of the most exclusive and prestigious suburbs in the country.

Contribute to society

She was reportedly given a $500 weekly allowance by her father, but she claims he constantly cut off the allowance, forcing her to go on the dole. When he died this year, he left the family fortune to Clare, an only child, on condition that she get a job and contribute to society.

Clare says she cannot do anything about it and asked to be given what is rightfully hers. She is now suing her father’s estate in court to try to get hold of the $12 million estate.

Her family, however, say the ADHD is just an excuse to avoid fulfilling her late father’s wishes. Her cousin Jimmy, who was co-appointed an executor of the estate, said he would like his cousin to get a job and that instead of agreeing to his wishes, she had turned around and sued the trust.

He said the family were at “their wit’s end.”

Clare said she wanted people to “get out of their heads” that she was ever going to get a job.


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