Working alongside the legal profession

Finders International works extensively with solicitors and the Irish legal profession to resolve cases.

We often work with solicitors in cases where there are family issues, such as no known next of kin or where identified next of kin have not responded to correspondence or where there are problems tracing all family members.

If you need to locate missing heirs, our global heir location service is quick, affordable, and effective. We can achieve results with very little information, so whatever your situation is, Finders International is confident that we can provide you with a successful outcome.

Meticulous and methodical

We take a meticulous and methodical approach to each case we investigate, which, when combined with our extensive knowledge of historical and technological sources currently available, means we can frequently guarantee a successful outcome, or no fee is payable by the client.

Quick and free appraisals and quotations are available by post, or e-mail. In addition, we will accept instructions online via our website, over the  phone or via email.

We provide a friendly, efficient, no-nonsense service while adhering to our Professional Conduct Code, and we have an extensive international network of researchers, allowing us to track down beneficiaries all over the world.

Regular updates

We will send you regular updates on work in progress, and you can choose how frequently you want to be updated. Please tell us if you have a specific deadline.

We provide a wide range of support services, such as:

  • Unclaimed assets, accounts, pensions, life insurance, shareholders, or property owners
  • Service for family tree verification and research
  • Probate real estate sales and services
  • Tracing (former) clients’ insurance products or search client account funds.

We will provide you with final reports that are clear and concise, as well as all documentation. These will be cross-referenced and simple to comprehend.

Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance, Missing Will Insurance, and Administration Bonds are all available from us also.

If you need legal research services, we can provide you with immediate telephone quotes or free advice; please contact us now for immediate assistance or fill out the online form.