No Known Next of Kin ?

How can we help

For Councils, Coroners, Hospitals, Charities and others we will trace the unknown next of kin to the Deceased FREE OF CHARGE.

You will not pay us any fees under any circumstances.
Whilst observing best practice, and with Finders excellent range of accreditations, you will be taking advantage of a wonderful service which has aided numerous public sector service providers over many years.
In the vast majority of cases there are living next of kin somewhere who may be distantly related or living outside the UK and often they have never  heard of the Deceased, but they are still legitimate and entitled heirs. We usually find next of kin within days, entirely at our own risk and expense.
Funeral costs can sometimes be transferred to next of kin – at least there will be a clear opportunity for you to request this from them.
Any costs you may have already incurred can then be recovered at the earliest possible opportunity.
The Crown or State has no interest in an Estate where a valid Will is found, or heirs exist in accordance with Intestacy Law.  The Treasury Solicitor (for England & Wales) states that they will not deal with an Estate where “there is known to be, or likely to be, entitled relatives even if these have subsequently died, cannot be traced or do not wish to deal with the Estate”.
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Refer a No Known Next of Kin (Bona Vacantia) Estate