Family Tree Verification

Family Tree Verification / Research Service

Finders are often asked to undertake family tree verification prior to assets or funds being passed to a person claiming to be a family member and entitled relative.

Finders verification of this family tree research is a requirement before an application for a Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance Policy from AVIVA prior to distribution of an Estate.
We have found errors or omissions in a large number of cases. This can lead to the incorrect distribution or, transfer of funds or assets, indemnity insurance claims (assuming an insurer will agree to issue a policy), or even legal action being taken – not to mention the potential, for bad publicity.
Errors can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • Reliance on a single family member for information.
  • Reliance on internet-based information sources, which have errors in transcription in about 10% of all records.
  • Using an inexperienced researcher or genealogist, perhaps with limited research resources at their disposal.

Family Tree Research Service Details

Any family tree or research report submitted to us will be assessed free of charge.

Areas of risk, errors or omissions will be highlighted along with our recommendations on how to remedy these problems.We will report back to you within 24 hours.

Please contact us if you need further help or advice.

Free Assessment

Legally all heirs on intestacy are equally entitled. Finders FREE TRACING applies to all heir location situations when working with the Public Sector.

If you know of one or two potential heirs to an estate – we can verify their claim for you and trace all entitled kin, all FREE OF CHARGE.

We suggest that you are especially cautious in handing over assets, funds, keys to property etc. to persons claiming to be next of kin without first checking their ID and obtain documentary evidence of kinship. We can do this all for you, free of charge.

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