Finders Will Searches Expand Internationally

Did you know that Finders International can search for the existence of a will in all UK countries, the Republic of Ireland and overseas too?

If you are dealing with someone’s estate and there appears to be no valid will, we are able to search anywhere to find one. Our Missing Will Service includes a thorough, inexpensive and insurance-approved missing will search. Before appointing Finders International, we recommend that you check the Deceased’s personal belongings and ask any known relatives, friends or neighbours if they know of an existing will and its likely location. While people are often reluctant to discuss such details, it is not unknown for a person to tell their friends or neighbours about a will when they know they don’t have long to live.

Take instructions

Once we are satisfied you have made all the checks you can, we are happy to take instructions to trace a will.

Our Missing Will Service includes local searches in the area where a person died, but administrators might want to extend the search to include other towns, cities and countries, especially if the person moved around a lot during their life.

When we finish the missing will search and in the case that we do not find a will, we can apply for an AVIVA insurance policy that covers against the possibility of a will turning up after the distribution of the estate. This provides security and peace of mind for all those acting as estate executors or administrators. We use Aviva—the company doesn’t accept evidence from many tracing companies, and Finders International has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with the company.


We have a convenient ‘self-approval’ arrangement with AVIVA.

Once our Missing Will Service report is completed, we can apply for and obtain policies for you to consider. In most cases, a draft policy is forwarded with our report. Sometimes, a proposal form will be required, and we’ll advise where this is needed. Premiums for the policies are one-off payments that come from the estate.

We can only obtain Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance policies in most cases where Finders International has either completed a full report or an independent verification of existing research has taken place.

Finders International is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) membership number 310772. 

If you would like to discuss our Missing Will Service, please contact our legal support services manager, Andrew Ritson, on 020 7490 4935 or email [email protected]