Finders International Probate Genealogists
Finders are one of the world’s leading firms of international probate genealogists. We trace missing heirs and next of kin for Lawyers, Corporate & State Trustees, Councils, Administrators, Executors, Hospitals, Coroners & others needing to identify and locate beneficiaries to estates, funds and assets worldwide.
The Safest Solution To Probate Problems - Finders, with insurance by AVIVA
We are a leading international probate genealogy firm ('heir hunters'), identifying & tracing heirs & locating missing or unknown beneficiaries worldwide.
Short (2:57) clip from BBC Heir Hunters Series 8


  • Lawyers, Canterbury, UK - 2014 Always reliable,. Good communication. Pleasant and..

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  • Douglas Hawes, Germany – 2014 Without your service I would never have known abou..

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  • Mr V Goodey, Berkshire – 2013 Thanks to your hard work & expertise, my partner a..

  • Beneficiary, London 2013 The money was a pleasant surprise, but the family ..

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